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Rights & Democracy
Rights & Democracy (International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development), is a non-partisan organization with an international mandate. It was created by Canada's Parliament in 1988 to encourage and support the universal values of human rights and the promotion of democratic institutions and practices around the world.

Activist Network
Collaborative project to document the history of activism in Canada, as well as to provide useful guides to help activists.

The BadVista campaign is an advocate for the freedom of computer users, opposing adoption of Microsoft Windows Vista and promoting free (as in freedom) software alternatives. If you're using Windows Vista, you're an idiot. See this site to find out why.

Effable Commentary: Boycott Microsoft
Great article about why people should boycott Microsoft, along with excellent links to a ton of evidence against them.

Microsoft Boycott Campaign
Why you you shouldn't do business with, nor use Microsoft products.

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