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NORML Canada
NORML Canada is a non-profit, public interest, member operated and funded group, chartered at the federal level in Canada since 1978. The organization aims to eliminate all civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use – through government lobbying, public education, research, and legislative and judicial challenges. NORML Canada believes that the present policy of discouraging marijuana use through the use of criminal and/or civil law has been excessively costly and harmful to both society and the individual.

rabble.ca was built on the efforts of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists across the country. In addition to original news stories, in-depth features, provocative interviews, commentaries and more, rabble publishes columns from some of the few progressive voices in mainstream media and reprints articles you wouldn't want to miss from other alternative publications.

Windows 7 Sins
If you're using Windows 7 you're an idiot. Find out why here.

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