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TimeTree is a public knowledge-base for information on the evolutionary timescale of life. A search utility allows exploration of the thousands of divergence times among organisms in the published literature. A tree-based (hierarchical) system is used to identify all published molecular time estimates bearing on the divergence of two chosen taxa, such as species, compute summary statistics, and present the results

Understanding Evolution
What types of information is available on evolutionary theory and its historical development? This rich website helps you understand what evolution is, how it works, how it factors into your life, how research in evolutionary biology is performed, and how ideas in this area have changed over time. Created by the University of California (at Berkeley) Museum of Paleontology.

Amazon.ca Books - Evolution - Genetics
Browse Amazon.ca for excellent books on evolutionary genetics.

Amazon.ca Books - Evolution - Paleontology
Browse Amazon.ca for excellent books on paleontology & evolution.

Becoming Human
Interactive documentary experience with lots of information.

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