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Niles Eldredge - Let's keep evolving!
Website of Dr. Niles Eldredge, chock full of useful information and resources.

Dr. Eldredge has been a paleontologist on the curatorial staff of the American Museum of Natural History since 1969. His specialty is the evolution of trilobites—a group of extinct arthropods that lived between 535 and 245 million years ago.

Eldredge's main professional passion is evolution. Throughout his career, he has used repeated patterns in the history of life to refine ideas on how the evolutionary process actually works. The theory of "punctuated equilibria," developed with Stephen Jay Gould in 1972, was an early milestone. Eldredge went on to develop a hierarchical vision of evolutionary and ecological systems, and in his book The Pattern of Evolution (1999) he unfolds a comprehensive theory (the "sloshing bucket") that specifies in detail how environmental change governs the evolutionary process. [More...]


Nice site by people like myself who are sick and tired of hearing the mistaken refrain of evolution being "just a theory", so they created this site explaining the real meaning of "theory" in a scientific context.

Open Questions: Human Evolution
Tons of resources for those wanting to learn more about Human origins.

PBS: Evolution: A journey into where we're from and where we're going
Excellent PBS series about evolution. The Website contains an assortment of great information for those interested in learning the amazing story of who & what we are.

PBS: Human Evolution: You Try It
A fun, interractive site hosted by PBS teaching the fundamentals of evolution.

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