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-= opensolaris-starter-kit =-

Disk images of official DVDs from Sun Microsystems (before Oracle's acquisition of Sun), containing a starter kit meant for developers wanting to develop a Solaris-type operating system without the restrictive Oracle licenses. It also has LiveCDs of OpenSolaris-based distros and other software that's fun for everyone, The starter kit includes: Disk 1: * OpenSolaris source code * Step-by-Step instructions on how to install OpenSolaris distributions * Comparison of OpenSolaris to other operating systems, pointers to community sites, discussions, documentation, and much more. * Learning Materials * OpenSolaris distributions, including the following LiveCDs: Nexenta Belenix Schillix Disk 2: * Solaris Express Community Edition b76 including: Sun Studio Tools NetBeans StarOffice The username for all LiveCDs in this kit: "root". System Requirements: x86/x64-based system P/N: 411-2275-01 August 2007

-= solaris-express-11-developer-edition =-

Disk image of an official DVD from Sun Microsystems (before Oracle's acquisition of Sun), containing the Sun Solaris 11 Developer Edition operating system and Sun Java, released in September 2007. Great OS for software development. P/N: 708-0298-10 September 2007 Why host these? Smeg knows. Nostalgia I suppose. And hope that someone will find these useful. And to have some cool content. Although getting on in age, these are still very useful and fun. Enjoy :)

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