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This is a legally binding agreement between the owner of the hex1a4.net domain name (the "owner") and you, the site visitor (the "visitor").  The visitor's use of & access to this website at hex1a4.net (the "site") is subject to the terms outlined herein.

The owner retains the right to dictate which rights he will reserve.

Both parties, owner and visitor, agree to abide by this legally-binding contract.

Both parties agree to honour the spirit of this agreement.


The visitor (that's you) will silently thank the site owner for the lack of 'cookies' on this site.


The site owner agrees never to include any trackers nor any other malicious software on this site. The visitor agrees to be happy about this absence of malware.

Legal Action

If the visitor should decide to launch any kind of civil proceedings agains the owner, those proceedings must be filed in a court of the owner's choosing and the visitor agrees to notify the owner prior to the commencement of such proceedings. In the event of such legal action, the visitor agrees to pay all of the owner's legal fees & expenses regardless of the outcome of the civil claim.

Violation of this agreement

In the event that the visitor should violate this agreement, the visitor agrees to pay the owner the exact amount of one hundred thousand (100000) British Pounds in compensation.


Both parties agree to also abide by the following: Disclaimers, Copyright Notice, Privacy Statement.

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Mark Twain

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Albert Einstein

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Leo Buscaglia