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[star] Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Manufacturers of the best darn processors around.

[star] nVIDIA
Manufacturers of the best video cards. Although, now that AMD owns ATI, ATI boards are becoming better, and soon this link might become ATI, but for now it's nVIDIA.

[star] Open-PC
The Open-PC is a PC for everyday use built by the Linux community for the Linux community. Open-PC uses only free software.

What is special about the Open-PC?

  • Hardware and Software is selected by the Linux Community
  • The PC is preconfigured and easy to use by everybody
  • Telephone and Email support is included.
  • Only free software is used, including the drivers
  • Only fully documented hardware is used
  • There are different manufacturers who build and sell the Open-PCs
  • A part of the price is a donation to KDE
  • Everything, including the software, is developed in the open. Everybody can contribute.

[star] OpenSPARC
World's First Free 64-bit CMT Microprocessors.
Open-source software? Sure, everyone has heard of that. We all take advantage of it as we navigate through the Internet (OpenSolaris, Java, Linux, Apache, Perl, etc.) and even when we sit down to relax with TiVo (Linux) or watch a Blu-Ray disc (Java). But open-source hardware ... eh? What is open-source hardware?! Small amounts of computer hardware Intellectual Property (IP) have been available for many years in open-source form, typically as circuit descriptions written in an RTL (Register Transfer Level) language such as Verilog or VHDL. However, until now, few large hardware designs have been available in open-source form. One of the most complex designs imaginable is for a complete microprocessor; with the notable exception of the LEON 32-bit SPARC processor, none have been available in open-source form until recently. In March 2006, the complete design of Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC T1 microprocessor was released-in open-source form, it was named OpenSPARC T1. In early 2008, its successor, OpenSPARC T2, was also released in open-source form. These were the first (and still only) 64-bit microprocessors ever open-sourced. They were also the first (and still only) CMT (chip multithreaded) microprocessors ever open-sourced. Both designs are freely available from the OpenSPARC website, http://www.OpenSPARC.net, to anyone. These downloads include not only the processor design source code but also simulation tools, design verification suites, Hypervisor source code, and other helpful tools. Variants that easily synthesize for FPGA targets are also available.

[star] Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS)
Worldwide leader in the development of leading-edge logic products. These include desktop & mobile PC chipsets, network interfaces, controllers & bridges, and more.

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