Liberals survive non-confidence vote on carbon tax with Bloc, NDP backing

RE: Liberals survive non-confidence vote on carbon tax with Bloc, NDP backing

Climate change-denying Conservatives need to be voted out of office. Lucky for them no one wants an election right now, and fortunately the Bloc and NDP where doing their jobs and helped stop one. The Conservatives do a lot of politicking instead of working to ease the lives Canadians and do what is right. Such as legislation that makes polluters pay for their pollution and making Canadians choose better, non-polluting, options. The carbon tax is very necessary to help reduce emissions of green-house-effect-causing gasses such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4).

It was very irresponsible and a waste of time for the Conservatives to table the non-confidence vote. They should work together with the other parties and not against them. But then, Pierre Poilievre is completely out of touch with the average Canadian living in his big mansion, interested only in power. Using politics of division to divide the country instead of helping everyone.

I don’t know what kind of people support the Conservatives in office but they need to either stop their support and/or demand, en masse, from the Conservative politicians that they actually abide by stated Conservative values while working in co-operation with the other parties for the betterment of Canada and Canadians. Because right now they’re doing none of it.

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