Anger, pessimism towards federal government reach six-year high: Nanos survey

RE: Anger, pessimism towards federal government reach six-year high: Nanos survey

Why all the negative emotions directed at the government? Disagree with them about the policies, but both the Liberals and the NDP genuinely want what’s best for all Canadians. Granted things are worse then we’d like them to be but a lot of it has to do with Conservative tax cuts for the rich when the Conservatives were in power, long-term neglect of housing especially under the Conservatives and worst of all ‘greedflation’.

We have what’s called a free market system. Free as in freedom, meaning in part, that the government does not, nor should not, have too much power in the market. Consequently, there is much that the government simply isn’t able to do. Unfortunately, corporate managers, especially in the grocery, gasoline, gas, and housing industries do not ascribe to Canadian values. They don’t care about their fellow Canadians and are increasing inflation beyond what it would be if they wanted to give Canadians a break by reigning in the excessive, outrageously high margins leading to excessive profits. There is nothing wrong with companies making a profit, but there is such a thing as greed-fueled excessive profits.

Instead of being angry at the government for doing their best to help us, people should be angry at corporations. There should be boycotts and large-scale letter writing campaigns demanding that the corporations we do business with, such as landlords, grocery stores and oil companies, take into account Canadian values and give their fellow Canadians a break, by lowering costs.

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